Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The First Female Filmmaker

Yesterday in Editing class, I learned about Alice Guy Blache, who I had never heard of before. She was not only the first female filmmaker, but she also ran a film studio, The Solax Studio in Fort Lee NJ. Apparently (or, so my teacher told us), back in the day -- the day being the beginning-ish of filmmaking, circa 1910 -- anyone could make a film. Much like today, if you had a camera, you could be a filmmaker, no sweat. That is, until Hollywood monopolized movies in the 20s. Before that, people like Alice Guy Blache could make films easily. She made hundreds of short films over her career, though only a fraction of those remain today. I look forward to researching her further. And when I know more, so shall you. But for now, just enjoy her short film, Algie the Miner (also, plausibly the first depiction of a gay character).

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  1. What an interesting short film - I loved the portrayal of Algie.