Thursday, July 14, 2011

The End of Childhood...

At midnight, the final Harry Potter movie comes out in theaters. I saw the first one when I was 11, the same age as Harry when he figured out he had magical powers. I saw it in the small dingy theater in my hometown which closed not long thereafter. It was so shabby that I could see my own silhouette on the screen, as could everyone else in the front row. But that didn't take away from the magic of the film. I was enraptured and from the very first minute, I was hooked. Ever since then, I have look forward to the books and movies every year. Though I am not as fanatic as some people, I do consider myself to have grown up with Harry Potter, is friends, and the actors that play these enchanting characters.

Obviously, I saw each movie at midnight. It was like a reference point for a whole year of life. I saw the first one on a girl scout trip with my two best childhood friends. Now, I saw the last one in an advanced screening for my internship and I will see it again in Toronto with two members of my college family. Over the years, I have gone to midnight shows with all different friends, who had different boyfriends (never me, since I am learned in the art of repelling men), while in the midst of different fights and tensions. Much of the magic of my childhood was due to Harry Potter, but, at some point, all childhoods have to end.

My friend and I decided that exiting the HP7p2 theater means crossing the threshold into adulthood. To be kind, we also decided that we would consider the June 15th showing as the "real" one, after which we have to be "real" people. I doubt that, when I first heard that tinkering music, I thought that these stories would stay with me as they have. Although I'm sad to say goodbye, I am happy to have had them.

Thanks for the magic.

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