Saturday, July 9, 2011

There May Be Hope Afterall

A friend of mine recently suggested that I start watching the FOX show Raising Hope, which just ended it's first season. I was resistant because I didn't know much about the show and I bear an unreasonable dislike for Martha Plimpton. You'll find I bear a number of unreasonable dislikes, but I must say, my snap judgments are always negotiable. My unsubstantiated dislike of Ms. Plimpton made a quick 180 after watching the pilot episode of Raising Hope. I very much enjoyed her. In fact, the entire show is delightful! It is funny and fresh with characters that are interesting, likable, and accessible (and you know how I feel about accessibility). And! One of the unique characters on this show is played by Cloris Leachman -- and who doesn't love Cloris Leachman?! So basically -- watch Raising Hope! It's not going to challenge you intellectually or having you coming up with Dharma conspiracy theories, but it is some good family fare, a great supper time alternative to Family Guy.

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